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5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Memory For Competition Exams

Here are few ultimate tips which one should follow once in life for boosting up Memory For Competition Exams.

1. Set And Achieve Your Goals

It will improve cognitive health. Every time you set a goal and achieve it, you mentally reinforce the notion that you have the power over your life. It makes you feel strong, capable and better prepared for the next challenge. Accomplishments – both performance and self-improvement goals – remind you of the great potential of your mind and your life, and increase your desire to create a better memory.

2. Meditate To Increase Problem Solving Skills

Talk to anyone who practices this regularly, and they will extol the benefits of meditation on improving memory power! Talk to a neuroscientist about meditation, who will explain that it has a profound effect on the mind and the power to transform the physical structure of the brain.

3. Try Hard To Read It Again And Again

This point does not need much of elucidation. We all must have experienced it at every stage of life, yet left it unnoticed. The moment a child comes across the first few lines of his morning prayer he automatically comes up with the rest of it. it is not because he sat down to learn it but because he recites it daily. This was the simplest example to how reading or reciting something regularly can help you memorizing it by heart.
Listen to music or make art to sharpen brain connections. If you aren’t used to playing music, take a seat at the piano or the drumset. If you don’t usually create art, grab that paintbrush or clay. Just do it – doing new creative, artistic things will give you more and better memory power.

4. Learn A New Language To Improve Your Connections

Write to improve your cognitive health; If writing isn’t a regular part of your life, it should be (and I am not talking about business emails). Do something creative or expressive. Start a blog, keep a diary, compose a poem or find a pen pal. Or, write about something in your life – such as how illness has affected your brain and memory.

5. Feed Well Your Brain With Sleep

It improves cognitive function. Insufficient sleep affects mood and performance considerably. Having a well-rested and well-fed brain is the foundation for all these other steps; without that, you may not have the energy for much else.