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A Quick Trick For Removing Tonsil Stones

Removing tonsil stones doesn’t have to be hard. Unless they’re firmly attached, getting rid of them will require little more than an eyedropper, a mirror, and the willingness to gag several times if it means you can finally be rid of the calcium deposits accumulating on your tonsils.

According to experts, throat stones generally form and attach to the “crypts” of your tonsils. These are the little folds that can fill with debris and bacteria, including the calcified deposits that are currently causing you problems. Fortunately, removing tonsil stones is often as simple as cleaning these crypts.

How can you do that? Start by obtaining and eyedropper and filling it with water. Next, open your mouth wide and insert the eyedropper deep into the back of your mouth. You’ll probably gag when you do this, but you’ll need to find a way to continue.

Once the eyedropper is inserted sufficiently deep, eject the water onto your tonsils. This should clean off the surface debris, including any calcium deposits. Once you’ve completed the first round, you should open your mouth wide and use a mirror to examine your tonsils.

If you were successful on the first round, you may not need to do anything else. Otherwise, you’ll need to continue to re-cleanse the crypts in order to finish removing tonsil stones. If you follow all of the above steps carefully, you could be throat stone free by tonight (if your case isn’t too serious); however, more serious cases may require repeated treatment in order to ensure that you are permanently removing tonsil stones.