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Asset Management Software Online

Asset management software applications that are connected to an enterprise wide network or the Internet are referred to as online asset management applications. Connecting these applications to a network offers several benefits. In case of online asset management applications for manufacturing companies, trans-receivers are embedded in critical pieces of equipment which communicate with the asset management application allowing maintenance personnel to track the functioning of the equipment in real time, taking preventive maintenance measures and quickly attending to breakdowns. Online asset management applications also help companies manage their inventory from any location by simply using a Web browser.

Online digital asset management applications help information technology departments monitor all the hardware and software installed on the enterprise network. The advanced versions of these applications also help managers remotely control the hardware and software applications installed on the servers.

For media and advertising agencies, creative products like artwork, videos and images are also digital assets. Specialized web-based asset management applications for this industry help media companies automate the process of viewing, publishing, maintaining, and marketing their multimedia gallery or store. Software product development companies use online asset management applications for electronic distribution and management of the digital products they have developed.

Human resource online asset management applications help the HR department to track employee performance, manage talent and identify star performers. These applications also help in working out hiring plans, storing resumes, and tracking hiring status.

Several finance Web sites also offer their customers a feature to track their financial assets such as stocks and mutual fund investments online. These Web sites track stock price movements in real time and net asset values of mutual funds on a daily basis. Using the Internet a customer can log on anytime to these Web sites to get the latest status on their financial assets.