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Being Creative in Business

Being Creative in Business

We have all been hearing about this “new depression” a lot lately. How can we not? We are flooded daily with it. No matter where we turn; TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines….even the corner market, it is all people are talking about.

Many companies, especially small businesses are having to close their doors due to rising expenses of day to day operations, this tax, that fee…it can be maddening! Owners are trying to think of more and more ways to cut corners so they can survive while keeping as many employees as possible. Methods used today, were not even a consideration five years ago. That would be to go “virtual” or locally outsourcing some of the work. When you consider the expense an in-house employee costs the company, its well worth considering.

The age of technology has never been stronger, or more advanced than today. Many positions companies handle in-house could be easily outsourced, saving the company money while at the same time allowing owners to not only focus on more important tasks at hand, but in keeping their doors open saving many employee’s only source of income.

It’s very simple really…think of the overhead expenses of in-house employees; supplies, office equipment, furniture, liability insurance, workmen’s comp, taxes, SS, benefit packages (the list goes on and on and on). All of this on top of the employee’s salary. Outsourcing to a “Virtual Assistant” for administrative support, marketing, copywriting, time/schedule management and other various duties they take off your plate, you no longer have all of those expenses. This allows not only the business owner, but their in-house employees to have more time to focus on other, more import things. Businesses “contract” out to Virtual Assistants to do the work, paying only the rate and expenses for duties actually performed. No longer having to worry about someone out sick, time wasted at the coffee machine today, smoke breaks or most importantly…the added expenses. Virtual Assistants are finally coming to the forefront of business even though we have been around since the early 90s.

Employers often think of the negative side. They worry if work is being completed…or most often, they are not quite ready to turn any control over to an outside source. The thing you must remember when working with a VA is this: the Virtual Assistant is also in business and as such, not an employee but more of a partner. If you look good, we look good! It is that simple. It is wise to always select someone willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, as this is what protects both parties. Also, make sure they have a legit business license, showing they are as serious about their reputation as they will be yours. Ask for references and follow up with them.

The key issue is to choose someone you can trust and would be willing to hand over some of the decision making to. It truly ties their hands if they have to be constantly asking for your approval. It also is very frustrating for the VA. You hire us to save you time, not make it one more person you have to watch over. Trust us to do our jobs so you only have to worry about yours. We ARE competent and experienced…that is why you chose us, right? Once you decide to take that plunge, you will not regret it. My clients wonder why they didn’t do it long ago.

Virtual Assistants are contracted nationwide to help alleviate some of the pressures. We have allowed businesses, who otherwise would have had to close their doors, to remain open. You can find articles and discussions on “VAs” from to Good Morning America. All of which agree, is the newest method of doing business that makes practical sense. Especially now when so many are having to downsize or risk going under, this method can help save in-house positions as they are now able to focus on bringing in the money.

Consider any position or duty you may currently have that is online or via phone as a “virtual” opportunity to save money! Whether it is the entire position, or removing the daily mundane tasks that tie you up so much, it will save you time and money that can be better spent on more important issues you need to focus on yet never seem to have the time. Bookkeepers, accountants, administrative assistants, personal assistants…you name it. Technology has never been better, utilize it do not fear it!

You can chose your new VA from anywhere in the country considering everything is done through other mediums. It will take time to get used to the idea of being able to pick up the phone, email, or fax your instructions. It will also take a little time for you and your new VA to get used to one another. You will need to convey what procedures you prefer or how you would compose correspondence. Once you settle in, you will have peace of mind knowing things are being completed in a manner in which you would yourself. While watching others close their doors, you will find comfort in that your business is secure and money is being spent wisely.

If you are curious, do some online research yourself and you will understand the true value a VA would add to, not only your business but your personal life as well.