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BI Reporting – 3 Techniques Domo has Modified it for Excellent

The enterprise intelligence (BI) / analytics area has developed dramatically during the last two decades, together with a transfer clear of conventional BI reporting within the procedure, against fashionable BI that meets the calls for of recent organizations.

BI Reporting is No Longer the Focal point

Within the early days of BI, there have been two key center of attention spaces together with vintage reporting (which most often supposed extremely formatted, pixel-perfect experiences similar to monetary experiences) and OLAP taste research throughout dimensions and measures (the use of pre-built after which later dynamically modeled cubes). The preferred platforms of the time had been to begin with targeted round quick, pre-calculated, file-based OLAP research. This used to be immensely standard because it used to be performant and in addition enabled enterprise customers to slice and cube throughout their core dimensions.

The utilization extra related to this dialogue is what might be termed “bi reporting”, which necessarily helped companies recreate their paper experiences in a BI platform, with a prime level of design keep watch over, giving customers a well-recognized enjoy to their paper experiences, whilst leveraging their information dynamically for interactions similar to chopping with size dropdown menus and extra.

The Business Moved to Visualization and Research

Whilst in the course of the 90’s and into the 2000’s the BI reporting schedule used to be very talked-about, over the years it turned into obvious that extremely formatted experiences, pixel-perfect experiences and simply the extra antiquated concepts of what “experiences” will have to be modified, to position it merely. The emphasis moved from recreating paper experiences on-line a lot more to compelling insights out of group’s treasured information sources with easier-to-use, business-focused visualization and research equipment.

This variation in center of attention and ensuing call for gave upward thrust to the well known “information visualization” distributors that totally modified the marketplace and expanded it even additional. This additionally additional de-emphasized the growing old bi reporting schedule even additional. Against the start, maximum of the ones “information visualization” equipment fascinated by end-user research features to the exclusion of all different agendas.

Domo Modified Analytics Without end

Domo entered the marketplace at a time when organizations started asking exhausting questions in regards to the viability of the often-desktop-oriented “information visualization” equipment for the endeavor. What they received in agility and consumer pride, they misplaced in governance and reliability. There have been many different tradeoffs as neatly, however Domo got here to marketplace with a brand spanking new tackle BI / analytics and altered it for the nice in 3 major tactics:


Domo created the primary true cloud analytics platform that increased efficiency past the desktop capacity of the present information visualization distributors (which most often depended on native PC or mac processing energy), whilst additionally enabling IT once more to manipulate and protected the analytics.


Domo additional de-emphasized the want to flip tech other people and enterprise customers into designers via as a substitute developing the Domo platform the place anything else created appears to be like just right. This turns out easy, however used to be progressive. There used to be a elementary false impression via the entire different distributors that come what may all the marketplace desired pixel-perfect keep watch over.

That detailed keep watch over ended in unattractive and usally unusable dashboards and bi content material as a result of unqualified technical other people and customers had been thrust into the position of dressmaker. Domo modified all of that in order that customers and technical other people can create the content material, however the design of the platform is such that every one content material at all times appears to be like skilled, 100% of the time.


Whilst Domo delivers the entire necessary types of BI content material similar to vintage, formatted BI reporting, it modified the focal point altogether via having a look on the significance of enabling enterprise customers to force insights from the knowledge with lighting-fast efficiency (key to consumer pride and adoption) and married that with a unmarried, seamless cloud platform for customers to collaborate round their analytics. The concept that of collaborative analytics used to be no longer new, it simply by no means had an opportunity to paintings previous to Domo as a result of the fragmented, desktop or even conventional server-based environments.

BI reporting is an older agenda, still important and included in the Domo platform, but just part of a cohesive platform.
Domo continues to push the marketplace against excellence for completeness of platform (Supply: Domo)

Whilst at the floor it would look like efficiency, design and cohesiveness and collaboration might not be progressive adjustments, however for someone who lived in the course of the ache of the primary two decades of the BI space- with the huge spends with low ROI, low adoption, horrible efficiency and fragmented consumer experiences- it’s in truth the entire distinction to turning in at the promise of BI and all its price, even together with BI reporting.

While you mix this forward-thinking heritage and platform with an important rising schedule for firms nowadays round developing fashionable “Information Apps” that leverage the rules that made Domo what it’s nowadays, Domo is already within the strategy of redefining the marketplace as soon as once more.