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Brilliant Income Club Review

Brilliant Income Club is the new name for the MLM Society, which on September 1, 2010 will become an affiliate program. Under the direction of Founder Kelly Reese, this change will offer members a 70% recurring monthly payout which is claimed to be industry leading. The program will still have the same function as a marketing tool for other affiliate products, used for building network marketing programs and online businesses.

The cost to join Brilliant Income Club will be $24.95 per month for new members on September 1, 2010 or later. However any member that joins prior to this date will pay just $100 for the first year. On their anniversary date the cost will change to $9.95 per month and no commissions will be paid on this reduced rate. The commission pay out will be 70% of the $24.95 paid by regular members which works out to $17.50 per month.

Brilliant Income Club will continue to use a video presentation to promote the affiliate tools that were offered under the old program; Net Extractor, iBuzzpro, DOE 2.0 and Prosperity Central. As well it will continue to use an opt in form for collecting the contact information of leads, by requiring individuals to complete it prior to watching the presentation. With the new program a new affiliate tool called Go Scraper has been added to the lineup. The Go Scraper tool is offered by the same company as Net Extractor and was developed to harvest the contact information of network marketers.

Another addition to come with the new affiliate program is the Wealth Creation Center offering a money and time management system, a financial calculator and the “Guaranteed Wealth” ebook. The new program will also allow members to list other affiliate programs they promote on their personalized site. Webinars on business success and personal wealth are purposed to be offered for members with this new system.

If a member of Brilliant Income Club is fully participating in all the promoted affiliate products their cost will be $873.98 up front and an additional $102.88 per month. This does not include the cost per use of iBuzzpro and advertising cost when using DEO 2.0. This system is a innovative approach to creating wealth online, but it will get costly for members who make use of all the tools.

Individuals serious about creating success online, should consider committing some resources and time to learn internet skills, that allow them to market for free. These free marketing techniques are what the truly successful internet marketers are utilizing to create residual streams of traffic, which generates long term residual earnings.