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Budget Hotels in Dubai – Unity of Luxury and Savings

Budget Hotels in Dubai – Unity of Luxury and Savings

This article will make you aware about the hotel industry of Dubai. The world’s hotel capital has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation in terms of luxury, facilities, design and architecture.

With the huge hotel industry, Dubai always welcomes its guests and tourist with warmth and generosity providing a memorable stay. The tourism industry is always busy with all those rich people who come to Dubai for a vacation. Dubai is also the ultimate shopping destination for one and all.

Dubai which is situated in the prime location of Asia has some of the world’s amazing buildings.

There are many luxurious hotels which are famous for their unique architecture and design. Having a stay at such hotel adds up to the fun of being at Dubai.

Apart from the highly expensive hotels, affordable hotels can also be easily found. For an average man, staying at the prestigious hotels may not suit their budget. So there are budget hotels in Dubai which can make their stay cost giving a feel of staying at a high class hotel.

The accommodation and other facilities that these budget hotels provide are at its best providing even a common man to have an amazing time at Dubai. Choosing such affordable hotel is always a priority for those people having limited budget.

These hotels having reasonable range of their rooms seem much better than overly expensive hotels having unlimited amount of facilities.

The hostel accommodations that are found here provide many other activities apart from staying provision. The hostels provide fun activities like horse riding, football court, tennis court etc. They also have valet service and the guests are welcomed happily and they are offered massages also.

The Youth Hostel Association of Dubai makes such an effort at their hostels that it matches the standards of any average hotel of the world.

One of the most popular hotels that come in this category is the Novotel Dubai, World Trade Center.

It is located in the center of the city. It is a very affordable hotel which manages to bring out the best arrangements, house-keeping and all other facilities that are found in any expensive hotel. So, it is a best combination of top class facilities in a cost effective manner. The hotel is suitable for every member of the family with all the leisure activities it offers.

One can play, relax, lounge, or just enjoy the stay wonderfully.

Another hotel of this breed is the Dubai Palm Hotel which is located only a few meters from the famous Al Ghurair Centre. With its reasonable prices, it is the best hotel for having a night life after a busy day of meetings or shopping. It has five nightclubs, three in-house restaurants and secretarial services providing all the best facilities.

With budget hotels in Dubai, it becomes relieving for anyone on a holiday with family or a businessman to save their pockets in travel and accommodation while having time of their lives yet not missing on any rich class facility.