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Can I Demand Common Courtesy From You?

Can I Demand Common Courtesy From You?

Many people say that they deserve respect? Interesting, do they? How is any one to know? How can anyone respect you for what you will do in the future? How can they know? What if they do not know you? Obviously you cannot expect them to respect you for your past achievements or selfless acts of kindness.

Can we expect others to give us common courtesy? Can we demand at least that much? Do you demand common courtesy? Do you give it? Have you noticed a lack of common courtesy in the World lately? With all that said there is something I wish you to remember that Respect must be earned. Tolerance can be required through social conditioning.

Common courtesy should be given unless you find that common courtesy is not reciprocated. At that point one can decide to give common courtesy anyway and let the behavior slide or not. But if someone Demands common courtesy in advance they are engaged in the midst of a Demand, which is not common courtesy, because common courtesy would in fact be “asking politely” or submitting a request, rather than demanding.

Perhaps you might think on this next time you find yourself desiring common courtesy, demanding respect or finding yourself giving tolerance to others? Please consider all this in 2006.