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Car Accident Injury? Make a Car Accident Claim

Car Accident Injury? Make a Car Accident Claim

No two car accidents are ever the same and millions of accidents occur on our busy roads each year. If you are looking to pursue a claim for compensation then it is essential to know some basic facts in order to be successful as it could mean that you might miss out on thousands of pounds in lost compensation.

How to ensure maximum payout for your Car Accident Claim?

Firstly always ask the claim company you are using if you will keep 100% of all compensation awarded. Be sure to read any small print and ask if there are any hidden charges or deductions at the outset. It could also be worthwhile to see if they have any testimonials or recommendations from previous clients.

In addition to no deductions if you are successful ensure that when your claim is taken on it is under the no-win-no-fee arrangement which means win or lose the solicitors costs will be recovered from either the negligent third party of via an insurance policy they take out in case of loss.

We have all seen the TV ads claiming pick up the phone and speak to an expert and you will be awarded easy money. This is not strictly the case. Firstly you need to ensure that you select a company that will specialize in your personal injury type. For example, it’s of no benefit to you to use a mesethomia expert lawyer to pursue a whiplash accident claim if they do not specialize in car accidents as more often than not they will not be well enough versed in recent case law. Always ask as many questions as you can think of at the outset to help you pick out the right accident claim company.

Who can claim?

As well as drivers, pedestrians and passengers can claim. Passengers may have been traveling in a vehicle being driven by someone else. Here you are claiming against the driver which would also including a car you might own car and even if the driver caused the accident as it’s the driver who was negligent. Many people do not realize that they may make a claim if they have been involved in an accident as a passenger in the last three years. Passengers in taxis or buses or any form of vehicle transport may be entitled to claim against the drivers insurance. Has this affected you?

You may be unsure who is at fault, in some accident situations and it does no harm if you consult an accident claim company or solicitor as some cases where liability is difficult to determine may put you off doing something about your injury. Some cases where liability is not one hundred percent either way then an equitable settlement may be made. Further deductions may also be made if you were aware that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, not fit to drive or you weren’t wearing any seat belt protection for example.

Always take care to evaluate any offer made. Sometimes the third parties insurer will make an offer saying that it will be quicker than appointing your own solicitor, but once you accept any offer it will be too late to claim if a few weeks or months later you have trouble at work with your neck problem.