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Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

It wasn’t until I started my own company that I realized the importance of spending my money with other local companies that are doing the same exact thing I am doing – surviving on my own income. If I can give my money to a local restaurant or small apparel shop, I’m doing someone with a passion just like mine a lot of good. I feel that a lot of people, especially with the unemployment rate is highest, feel this same way. Why? Because they, too, are surviving on the salary resulting of a layoff – and putting their own small business to work for them.

Once you determine that your small business needs help, the best thing to do is get help from a professional. Of course, there are a zillion options out there for web design and marketing. I will break down the three most common and obvious choices.

1. Choosing a small, local marketing firm: You’ll pay the right price for the right products and services you need. You will work directly with people who are also invested in their success, just like you. You may even get more than you asked for (or even paid for) because small firms play a big game when it comes to ensuring your marketing success. You’ll feel an alliance building throughout the process and you’ll most likely deal with the owner, who understands you like no one else will because you share at least one major thing in common – you are working for yourself. Small firms are more likely to work with you and negotiate with you on pricing and payments. And what’s better than giving back to the very community you yourself contribute your products and services?

2. Choosing a large marketing agency: No doubt this will bring you the success you need, but at a very high cost. Also, remember that the employees you will work with are exactly that – employees. Their interest likely lies most in getting their paycheck every 2 weeks (and probably playing Farmville), and not so much in talking to you, the client, at 9:00 at night when you have a question about your marketing.You may never even talk to the actual owner.

3. Choosing a cheap “do it yourself” branding-marketing-collateral-web design package online: Are you a web designer? Graphic designer? Marketing professional? If the answer is yes, then you know not to do this in the first place. The assistance of an actual marketing professional is critical in determining how to target your audience. And when you need help, you will talk to a CSR in India that you’ll barely understand. Need another reason? Your website rankings will suffer. While creating a template type website will get you an actual website, it won’t deliver SEO results, which are also critical in order to be found by your potential clients and customers.

The clear choice is to choose a local firm if that is what you feel will work best for your small business. Consider that many local marketing and advertising firms will give your business’ marketing the attention it needs to survive and thrive in this tough economy.