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Citibank Singapore Money Market Account Interest Rate – How to Get the Best Rates?

Citibank Singapore Money Market Account Interest Rate – How to Get the Best Rates?

Do you want to earn more interest rates for your savings? Have you heard about money market accounts? Read further to know more on this type of deposit accounts.

Citibank is one of the largest banks in the world and has its branches in Singapore. I have listed some of the branches in Singapore that you could visit to open a money market account. There are still more branches in Singapore and you can get the locations of those branches in the bank website.

  • Citibank, Holland Village Branch, Holland Village Avenue, Singapore.
  • Citibank, Jurong East Branch, Jurong East, Singapore.
  • Citibank, Boonlay SMRT Station, Singapore.

Features of Citibank Money Market Deposit Accounts:

  • You get good competitive rates for your deposits. The interest rates vary periodically and you have to check the latest rates from the bank websites.
  • The minimum amount that has to be deposited for this type of account is S$ 30,000.
  • You will get daily interest for your deposits, if your deposits are more than S$ 30,000.
  • You will get International Citicard through which you could be able to access in all Citibank ATM.

How to get the best money market account rates?

As you are investing your hard earned money in deposit accounts, you have to spend some to analyze the best deposit rates. You should various websites that offers details on deposit accounts and compare the rates. Then you should be able to spot the best interest rates.

Next Step: Visit more websites to get the best interest rates.