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Free Affiliate Income Generator Critique

Some affiliate marketing packages give you so much information that you’re confused as to where to start. Others give you such a defined system that there’s no room to grow. Pawel Reszka has put together an affiliate marketing package that gives you the best of both worlds with his Free Affiliate Income Generator.

I must admit I’m impressed with the way Pawel has been able to blend an easy to read and understand presentation with precise descriptions of how to put his plan into action — something you don’t find in most online marketing packages.

Once you get into the Free Affiliate Income package, you’ll find the first chapter contains an explanation of what affiliate marketing is, how to pick the most profitable items to promote, where to find these items and exactly how to become an affiliate for the items you want to promote — short and sweet.

As you read on, you’ll find that the package starts to narrow it’s focus to the meat of the system — exactly how to drive a flood of free targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Free Affiliate Income Generator Criticism

I have to admit, finding something to criticize in Pawel’s package is a challenge. The information presented isn’t laced with filler, it’s to the point and easy to understand and it’s everything you need to know to start making money online but here goes —

Possibly, the chapter titled Super Charged Linking Tactics could have been explained a little more clearly. You may have to read it twice before you fully understand the strategy Pawel is detailing.

Given the importance of the Super Charged Linking Tactics of Free Affiliate Income Generator, the graphics used to illustrate the flow of links to gain high search engine ranks could have been a little easier to follow — that’s all I got.

Free Affiliate Income Generator Benefits

Here are just a few of the topics covered in the package: how to generate affiliate income with free targeted traffic, finding profitable niches, choosing the right affiliate program, outlining your business plan, how to manipulate search engines, creating lenses with Squidoo, free press releases, super charged linking tactics, what to do next and much more.

Google AdWords can be extremely expensive and very hard to master. The same holds true with paid advertising campaigns. Obviously, there must be a less expensive (or free) way to create an online income. Well, there is. There are numerous free resources available to online marketers. Most are overlooked or not used to their full potential.

Free Affiliate Income takes advantage of many of these free resources and develops a system where they all work in concert. The idea is to create a network of targeted traffic resources, all working together as a unit and to do it all at no cost — mission accomplished.

And don’t forget the free bonuses — They’re not the usual toys offered with most packages.


There are many money making guides available on the Internet. So, the pressure’s on to create a system that contains more focused, quality information and intuitive strategies that actually work. You will not be disappointed with the Free Affiliate Income Generator System.

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