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Generate Leads With SEO But Mind the Competition

Generate Leads With SEO But Mind the Competition

If you’re involved in an SEO campaign at all, you probably already have a monitoring system installed-but how do you use it to find your competition? For starters, find the ten keywords that you consider most essential to your campaign. Pick the ones that are performing best, and that are most crucial to your strategy. Chances are, you are not ranking #1 in every keyword. For those keywords where you’re not in the lead, look at the sites that are outranking you.

Who is Outranking you on Search Engines?

The next step is a bit more complicated. What you need to do is decide not just who is outranking you, but how they are outranking you. One way to do this is to do it manually. You can actually go to each competitor’s site and look at how many back links they have, what kind of content they have, what their keyword density is, and so forth. This will be effective, but also time-consuming.

Use available SEO Tools

You can also install SEO tools on your Web browser which will enable you to find out some crucial facts and figures-details that might help you in evaluating your own campaign. For example, look at how many links are pointing back to your competitor’s site, and how many of those links are from sites your competitor owns (i.e., within the same domain family). Also check how much of your competition’s traffic is coming from Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, and so forth.

There are several great websites that provide this information. One of the most popular websites is However, over the last several years many new website analysis and SEO analysis tools have come online. One of our favorite sites is allows you to view your social impact, website content, meta tag issues, SEO links and even how our website renders on mobile devices. By the way if you did not know mobile marketing is the wave of the future, so get on board or miss out.

Is your Content Optimized for Search Engines

Finally, see how your competitor’s content is optimized. Are they beating you because they have SEO implementation in their title, their URL, the body of their content, and so forth? Or has their page simply been online a lot longer than yours? Determining how your competition is doing is a great way to get ideas for tweaking your own campaign, and making it even more effective in generating leads.