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Great Plains Sales Commission Report – Highlights For Consultant

Great Plains Sales Commission Report – Highlights For Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics GP serves vide spectrum of industries, and likely that very large percentage of Great Plains customers deploy Sales Order Processing module, especially if they also carry Inventory control and need Invoice or Sales Order itemization. In out-of-the-box Dynamics GP you should be able to setup basic commission schema for your sales persons and even sales territories, however real life is often different and requires commissions to be accrued on very complex rules. We would like to come through some commission calculation formulas and give you technical highlights:

1. Credit Card related Sales commission calculations. As credit card processor has in turn its own commission, you likely are trying to discourage your sales reps to sell on credit card. Instead, you probably encourage your sales folks to incline customer to send overnight checks or do wire transfers. However in eCommerce scenarios credit cards are often the only way to work with walk in customers and you got to accept credit cards. Complications with credit card acceptance business might be related to the gradation on preferred and less desirable credit card networks. In this scenario you would like to build sales commission report with credit card fees subtracted from the sales amount, subject to commissions

2. Project completion commission schemas. These are when you are having your sales people to be responsible for the project delivery, including manufacturing overhead and associated purchases. In this scenario you would like to calculate commission for delivered projects, meaning invoices, which are not yet delivered in the sense of production orders and drop ship purchases should be placed on hold

3. Other sales commission schemas. These might be related to sales quota for the quarter or month, discounted items versus cash cow items differentiation, just to give your real life scenarios, which would be difficult to implement in standard Dynamics GP functionality

4. How commission logic might be implemented. In our opinion, Dynamics GP, being targeted for mid-size and smaller businesses makes it feasible to do commission on reporting level with following reports results data entry into either AP or Payroll module for commission disbursement

5. Technology insights. Commission reports should be based on complex commission calculation SQL stored procedure or view. Reporting tool might one of the industry standards: Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel, Microsoft Access, Great Plains Dexterity, C# or VB.Net report web publishing