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How to Apply Cheer and Dance Competition Makeup

How to Apply Cheer and Dance Competition Makeup

Makeup has critical to your presentation during your cheer or dance competition. Coordinating the colors of your uniform, ribbons, and makeup is critical to highlight your facials for the judges. Your makeup can be applied for a dramatic effect or can be more subtle for a natural look.

Talk to your coach or instructor to make sure you understand required colors, products and look that is needed before competition day. Always take the time before competition to experiment with your makeup. Competition day is stressful and the last thing you need is a makeup malfunction.


Begin with a clean moisturized face and apply a base foundation to match your skin tone. Do not use bronzing powders they tend to make your facial complexion darker than the rest of your body. Use a mineral makeup that matches you skin tone to give you that flawless skin texture. Mineral makeup absorbs moisture as well.


Apply an eye base or concealer close to your skin tone to diminish shadows, fine lines, dark circles and imperfections. Eye concealer also will provide an even base so that your eye shadow will have even vibrant color. Concealers can also be used to hide blemishes.

Apply eyeliner first. Use liquid eyeliner or pencil for a smooth defined line around your lash line being careful not to apply to much. You will need room for eye shadow, shimmer shadow or glitter. Using black, gold or silver are the most dramatic colors to line your eyes with. This depends upon your team colors.

Eye shadows, shimmers and eye glitter are the most popular finishes. Choose products by how much you want your eyes to glitter or shimmer. Be careful, glitter products are sometimes not allowed at certain venues.

Shimmer powders on the eyes give a soft hint of color and shimmer while glitter products are bold and stand out. When applying shimmer powders or glitter, layer colors starting from dark to light going toward the brow. Two colors are more than enough otherwise your eyes will be too busy.

To apply glitter properly, ensure you have effective glitter glue. Glitter in the eyes is not a pleasant experience. Keep your eyes closed until the glue is dry and you can brush of the excess glitter or shimmer powder.


Purchase blush darker than you would normally wear for your daily wear makeup. The effect is more dramatic. To not apply to much or the application will look unprofessional. Blend the color with a brush from your cheek bone to your temples.


Apply your lipstick last and right before you hit the floor. Use a bold bright color, such as candy apple red, and apply a clear shiny lip gloss over it. You can add glitter layer over the lipstick or lip gloss for a dramatic effect.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to smile for the judges, facials score points.