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How to Become Rich – Secrets to Becoming Rich Quickly

If anybody promises to make you rich overnight, he or she is a liar. Many people used to advertise in Newspapers, websites and TV channels to become rich faster with their programs. Nobody can make you rich overnight or in few days. You may not become rich in few months or years if you are working for someone or a company. Only legitimate businesses help you in becoming rich in few years time. It may take 5 years to become rich, based on your expertise and luck. For some people making large sums of money in 5 years is fast.

You have to start your own business to generate good income over few or many years. Do not fall prey to ads that make you rich overtime in your pursuit to becoming rich. It has become common to receive fraudulent emails promising to transfer huge sums of money to your account. If you respond to them unknowingly, they collect all your personal details and ask for some money to process your payment. They vanish with that money. You may not be able to trace them as they give you false addresses. It is one of the business techniques used by fraudulent people to collect money from you. Do not reply to such emails and lose your money.

You can make real money for becoming rich only through working hard using your intelligence and expertise. The growing demand for IT enabled services has generated demand for services of many software engineers. Software programmers could make use of programming skills to develop software to meet demand for such IT enabled services. The demand for various programming languages such as java, html, and dhtml is growing at a fast pace as they are highly used in web pages for Internet. The demand for PHP and ASP is also growing with economic crisis coming to an end. Millions of mobiles are in use today across the world. Many mobiles are java enabled to support e-commerce and other IT services such as reading emails and getting stock quotes on the move. Software professionals are required to develop such software for mobile devices. With the demand for freelancing services growing, you can utilize your skills to develop software for mobile devices on freelance basis and make good money.

You can also join IT companies and earn handsome salaries. Try to save some of your earnings regularly. Such savings help you in becoming rich over long term. You can also start your home-based business and earn good returns using your skills. The key to achieve success in any business is to establish good contacts. You can do business with good contacts only, as we do business with people. If you are a writer, you can write a good book and publish with the help of a publisher or friends. You can sell such good books and make money.


The secret to becoming rich over years is only through hard work and intelligence. Invest your surplus income and generate profits over long term.