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Instant Auto Insurance Policy – Car Insurance Tips

Instant Auto Insurance Policy – Car Insurance Tips

Since the British government made car insurance compulsory to all citizens, the market has been full with many competitions. Auto insurance companies now offer discounts and benefits to customers. In a situation whereby your cousin needs your car for an emergency meting over the weekend, and you have the intentions of lending him your car, you will also need to consider if your car is insured or not. Moreover, if you want to make your insurance policy to cover two persons, the cost will be high and your no claims bonus will be lost. Even when you are, absent during any damage.

This brought about the introduction of temporary auto insurance ‘this is an insurance policy at a temporary basis’. It has duration of not more than twenty-eight days. Temporary car insurance comes with certain rules. These rules include being a driver with an age of at least twenty for years and with an accepted driving license within the EU. During these twenty-four days, the insurance company covers any damage or accident that occurs and your car owners’ no-claim bonus is not affected.

With temporary auto insurance policy, you do not have to worry about accidents and damages. This is an ideal policy for individuals who already have a car but yet to get a suitable policy. During your search for the best deal of your choice, you can freely drive around town without bothering about damages that might happen to your car.

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