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Iron Palm, Is The Secret Out?

Iron Palm, Is The Secret Out?

When I talk to people about Iron Palm, they think that it’s just about breaking bricks. They even ask, “Why do you want to learn how to break bricks?”. Well, it’s not about breaking bricks. What it is about is cultivating and controlling your Chi, your internal energy.

I look at Chi and where it is stored like money and a bank account, a Chi account, if you will. Deposits have to be made, savings for our “golden years”. The more you know about cultivating it, and “depositing it into your account”, the more internal energy you’ll have when you need it the most.

Once we have an account built up, we have to be able to manage our account. We have to be able to move the energy where we want to, when we want to. That is the Mind-Body connection, to transmit energy where we command it to go.

This is Iron Palm training, this is what we’re after. The breaking of the bricks is strictly a training aid. It’s a measuring devise. It is also a way of losing Chi. You lose Chi from fighting, breaking bricks, and through sex. That’s why Semen Retention, is so vital. That’s why it is so important to makes deposits into your “Chi Account”, and not

This is a problem that happens with most Iron Palm people.
They stop training because their capabilities become greater.

They think that they have the “heavy hand” and that they have some good techniques, so they slow down in their learning, in their training, and depend on their hand.

This has been a grave error that many a skillful martial artist have made. Fundamentals, the basics are always going to be necessary.

Grand Master Tung Sheng Chang, never trained his hand in Iron Palm. He trained his elbows. When I learned this, I began training my elbows as well. I did keep up with my palm training though.

This was the reason that he didn’t train his hand. He didn’t want to become dependent on this unique special training. He saw many men die from their dependency.

Think about it, the year is 1930, you master this special program, then several years afterward you begin slowing down in your training. Then you receive a challenge, you take the challenge. You feel as though your abilities will see you through. But once the fighting begins, you see the “rust” that has built up on you. You want so badly to land that one blow. The one that will end it, the one that will get you home tonight.

You can see the rest of the story. GM Chang, saw it too many times. How much knowledge went to the graves with these masters?

Most of the Iron Palm courses that are out there start the student off with the striking of a bag filled with mung beans. Then, they move up to the bag that is filled with gravel, all the while using the herbal medicine known as Dit Da Jow.

Dit Da Jow, is a simple formula we call bruise medicine. This formula will get rid of bruises, aches and pains, and so forth.
And, it might be a good formula for striking beans and gravel, but, for striking a canvas bag, that is filled with iron shot (about the same size as BB’s) this bruise medicine will not do.

One of the Herbalist that I use for our Iron Palm formula, told me that he and some of his students, put a little of my medicine on their hands, he then told me that their hands were tingeling. This man is an Herbalist, and he said that he had never felt this before.

This is Iron Palm medicine. This is what it does. It pulls your energy, your Chi, to the part of the body that it’s applied to.

There are many different types of formulas, many of them containing between 9 and 16 different herbs in them. I have seen a couple of formulas that have as many as 30 herbs in them. The formula that has been passed down to me has 39 different herbs in it! It is by far the best that I have ever used. It isn’t by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, a Dit Da Jow. It is an Iron Palm medicine.