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Remove Soap Scum Using a Steam Cleaner

Remove Soap Scum Using a Steam Cleaner

Soap scum build-up is commonly seen in sinks, showers and bathtubs and sometimes can be very difficult to remove. Bathroom grout can easily get dirty because soap can form a thin layer of scum over the tile. The longer you see these soap scum around your bathroom is very irritating and you opt to use chemical to get rid of them. And you will do anything just to make them like new again especially glass showers sparkling and clean. A lot of chemical products are introduced in the market to remove soap scum, but using harsh substances are very harmful to health and the environment too.

Getting rid of soap scum is easy with use of steam cleaners like Jetsteam Maxi. It has a standard tools and attachments for every cleaning detail you want.

How to clean and remove soap scum with a commercial steam cleaner?

Using only an ordinary tap water and when heated at a temperature as high as 180 degree Celsius producing 94% dry steam, makes light work of even the hardest soap deposit.

Use the widest tool attachment of a steam cleaning equipment to work on most surfaces with soap deposits, while the narrower nozzle tools clean out corners and the most inaccessible ones, especially sliding shower door frames where it accumulates.

Move the steamer tool in horizontal or circular motions to soften the soap deposits. It will melt even the thickest soap scum. Afterward, wipe away the loosened scum with a microfiber, sponge or cloth. This process can be done throughout your bathroom where there is soap scum. Perhaps, it is the quickest and easiest way.

While doing the steam cleaning, steam cleaner not only clean or remove soap deposit, but also sanitize and disinfect it without creating any toxic side-effects or leaving a chemical residue behind.

After removing the soap deposits with a commercial steam cleaner, bathroom tiles look bright and clean again, glass shower sparkles all while creating a hygienic environment.