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Sexless Marriage Advice For Frustrated Spouses

Sexless Marriage Advice For Frustrated Spouses

If you need sexless marriage advice there are often not that many people you can turn to for help. Men often find it difficult to talk to their friends or relatives about problems in bed and while women may be more open to these conversations the help you receive is usually not from anyone who has experienced this and overcome it making it rather useless.

I have been through a sexless marriage and managed to come out the other side with a more understanding and more passionate partner. It also helped me to understand a lot more about myself and our relationship. I wanted to share with you today some tips from the front line that you can use straight away to try to improve your sex life, your marriage and your well being.

Look To Yourself First

While you should never blame yourself for this situation, you should be aware that change must be a two way street. Nothing helps these sorts of relationship issues more than action as well so make sure that you first look inwards into how you can improve yourself and your own self esteem and confidence. Make sure to do things that build your own confidence so that you are not brought down by your spouse’s rejections. This will give you the confidence to tackle the whole issue and it will actually make you much more desirable whether you are man or woman.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When trying to regain intimacy and love and affection words only go so far. Try to make changes that involve doing something and show your love and sensual side with what you do. This could be as simple as cleaning the house before they get home to planning a surprise trip away. I believe that a whole bunch of these smaller things make the biggest impact however.

Never Demand

This might be the most important pieces of sexless marriage advice you hear. Never demand sex, never demand compensation for the good works you do and never demand they give you an explanation. Change will come in time if you do the right things and sometimes you may feel used and overworked and that you are the only one trying. I guarantee you however that each good action you take, each kind loving word you utter and each attempt to regain your lost passion will help to breaking down the problems… as long as you do not demand compensation!