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SMS Marketing Unleashed: Transforming Leads into Loyal Customers

SMS Marketing Unleashed: Transforming Leads into Loyal Customers

Promotional activities are the main component of marketing, which increases sales in order to reach desired revenue and profit targets.

With the development of technology and the availability of contemporary facilities, a multitude of marketing strategies, activities, and approaches are accessible today. In this regard, bulk SMS services are essential for marketing and selling goods and services.

Numerous bulk SMS gateway providers enable¬†sms campaign¬†to connect with the intended audience. Without a doubt, the bulk SMS sent to the intended recipients will raise knowledge of the items’ availability.

The following advantages may help you use SMS marketing to grow your business:

  • Accessible Prices:

The receiver opens and reads 98% of SMS messages, and does so on average in five seconds. That seems good on its own, but it’s much amazing when contrasted with the 20% average email open rate. Not to mention that the average duration of those 20% of emails that are actually opened is around 48 hours. Therefore, always select SMS if you want to ensure that the greatest proportion of consumers in your marketing database view your message.

  • Quickness and Adaptability:

Since flexibility and adaptability are essential for responding to the constantly shifting market circumstances, all firms should be prepared to handle the fluidity of the current business environment. Campaigns may be created and sent to their target demographic in a matter of minutes because to bulk SMS marketing’s almost negligible lead time. This may be utilized to get people outside on a slow day or get rid of outdated inventory before fresh delivery. Businesses are able to react nearly quickly to rival deals or the day’s events by using a bulk SMS service like EDS offers.

  • Minimal Expense and Maximum Return on Investment:

For the majority of small to medium-sized enterprises, newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, and almost all kinds of outdoor advertising are too expensive. Conversely, bulk SMS marketing may start and operate campaigns for a fraction of the price of more conventional marketing strategies because of its very cheap setup and operating expenses.

Given its low cost and significant return on investment, bulk SMS marketing is practically a need for every contemporary SME.

  • Extremely Focused:

The days of marketing managers and company owners blasting out messages into the internet and hoping they would reach their intended audience are long gone. It’s now essential that every marketing message be as precisely targeted as possible for any business that pays any attention to expenses. Since bulk SMS marketing relies on authorization, each recipient of a message will

a) Have a connection with you already, and

b) Have consented to receive marketing communications from you.

These two pieces of information indicate that the targets are both current clients and potential new sales leads. It is a well-known fact that it is five to seven times simpler to resell to current customers than to acquire new ones, and the best approach to promote to current consumers is with a bulk SMS service.

  • Customization:

Within seconds, SMS messages that are customized for the receiver might reach their wallets. They may also be customized depending on the demographics and past purchasing patterns of the client. They may also be independently molded depending on various retailers and geographical areas of the nation, in addition to being location-based. It would be very expensive to attempt to attain this degree of personalization in any other kind of marketing. However, sending bulk SMS may be done at almost no additional cost and has a very potent effect on the receiver.

  • Spread the Red Carpet:

98% of consumers, according to mobile surveys, will read an SMS message within three minutes of getting it. Make the most of this high level of engagement by offering your subscribers something they can’t possibly get elsewhere.

If you sell pizzas, for instance, you may give out a special discount code just before lunch. If you own a clothing store, you may extend a special invitation to a shopping event that is only for members to attend a trunk show.

Utilized a discount deal in their SMS marketing to get clients in right away. The merchant attracted their customer’s interest by introducing the offer first and making them want to read on to find out how to redeem it. Easy to use yet quite powerful.

Your objective is straightforward when it comes to crafting alluring offers: to remind your client of the evident, continuous advantages of being a mobile subscriber. A little VIP treatment here and there never hurts. If you follow through on this, you should have no trouble maintaining their interest and allegiance.

  • Switch Up Your Channels:

Including social media into your SMS campaign is another method to maximize the persuasive power of your brand. For instance, if your social media page is doing well, consider using your fan base to increase the number of people who get SMS messages using Short code and Long code.

Fans who texted the number were prompted to provide their postcode and then provided a link to the online purchasing form, which was, of course, mobile-friendly. Fans are more likely to stay opted-in since this made it simple for them to enjoy the immediate advantages of SMS membership. It’s one thing to combine SMS with a free gift; it’s plain smart marketing to include Facebook as well.

  • Make sure your message is clear:

Utilize as much of your 160 characters as possible since SMS has a double-click through rate. Even while this limit can seem restrictive, it’s actually no different from social media, so write your SMS with the same thoughtfulness and timeliness that you would a tweet. Make sure to inform your customers of their next steps in order to promote high conversion rates. For instance, include a shortened links so that clients may reach your website or shop quickly if they require additional information. Here’s an excellent illustration from Dominos.

In summary

Compared to email and the web, sms promotional messages have an average conversion rate of 8%, so make sure your call-to-action is strong and obvious. Even if it’s only two or three words, without them, your SMS is a time and money waste. Use the following command words: “get access,” “shop now,” and “redeem now.” Provide an expiration date if your offer has one to convey a feeling of urgency. If at all feasible, include a phone number or a condensed reference to your website.