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Things to Know About Elocution Competitions

A rich vocabulary and lot of conviction is required during an elocution competition. An elocution competition at school level gives students a good opportunity to combat with the biggest fear factor i.e. stage fear. This allows the student to connect with the audience and also understand the concepts of voice modulation. Practice is very much essential before going on stage and the preparation must be a sincere effort.

A participant going for any competition must realize that a confident personality has to be cultivated. The audience and judges are highly knowledgeable and are masters in their own right. Hence while preparing the speech or essay for elocution, one must gather all the possible justifications and research related to facts. It is important to understand the premise of the competition and also know the various levels involved in the same.

The topics for an elocution competition are different as per the category or age of the participant. The general rule is same and that is about loads of confidence. Practicing about intonation or the various skills regarding body language is important. Given a chance, the candidate must also learn a few aspects about speaking using a mike. The right punctuations must reach the audience and impress the judges. It is important to practice at home, before peers and surely before a mirror to get the message across. Striking a chord with the audience is essential and this can be done by using words emphatically.

Relevant information must be gathered. Highlight the main points and weave the story along the central theme. This can be done well with animated gestures though a formal demeanor is preferred. Dressing immaculately for going on stage is another criterion. Being comfortable with your footwear and clothing is absolutely essential. Noting some eminent speakers and understanding their body persona is also beneficial.

Topics for elocution can be general or serious in nature. The general topics can be about farming, parenting and student aspirations or about the demerits of technology. There are more interesting topics like global warming, rainwater harvesting and also relevance of educational streams.

Use an introductory paragraph which is general and also gives a hint about the main subject. The other paragraphs must have a continual theme. A concluding paragraph to sum up the entire topic is essential. The closing line needs to have a punch line that is effective.