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Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit Can Be Approved If Criteria Is Met

It is a simple truth that if the criteria of any loan application is met, the chances of getting that loan approved is greatly increased. It is only logical, but it is surprising how many applicants for unsecured loans with bad credit prefer to take a shot at it rather than prepare properly to meet the established criteria.

It does seem a bit foolish, even when bad credit scores are a negative factor in the application process, but it has never been a shot in the dark approach that has seen unsecured loans approved, despite bad credit. A carefully structured approach with every element of the application in order, is always more successful.

The task of getting unsecured loans with bad credit approved comes down to convincing the lender that their investment is safe. After all, most traditional lenders, like banks and credit unions, prefer not to take the risk when there is some semblance of doubt. But by meeting the conditions laid out, their concerns are put at ease.

What the Lender Wants to See

In general, lenders want to know two things before agreeing to issue unsecured loans with bad credit: firstly, that repayments can be made, and on time; and secondly, that the funds will be used for what they are proposed for. Both of these points are particularly important for unsecured loans where the lack of collateral increases the risk factor.

Showing that repayments can be made, and on time, does increase the chances of getting unsecured loans approved, despite bad credit. Of course, it comes down to proving that a regular income is being received, and this is done by simply providing a recent pay slip, a photocopy of an employment contract and the provision of a bank statement. Any of these items can enhance the application for an unsecured loan.

The second criterion to match when applying for unsecured loans with bad credit is to show that there is a responsible purpose for the funds borrowed. This is not usually an issue when applying for an auto loan, or home loan, as the purpose of the funds is stipulated in the loan contract.

However, with personal loans – whether unsecured or secured – the money can be used for anything. This can include heading to Las Vegas for the weekend, but to get unsecured loans approved despite bad credit it is better to provide evidence of a more meaningful use. So, showing that the unsecured loan with bad credit will be used to clear credit card debt, catch up on late utility bills or pay for unexpected medical bills is better.

Basic Criteria to Meet

Of course, there are basic criteria to meet that some applicants seem to prefer to overlook. For example, proof of age is required because lenders are not permitted to give, not just unsecured loans with bad credit, but any type of loan, to people under the age of 18.

Also, proof of citizenship is requested as lenders are not willing to lend to individuals who are not legally entitled to reside in the US. This makes sense as there is the risk that the applicant can get unsecured loans approved despite bad credit scores, but then return to their own country without fully repaying the loan.

Personal loans with bad credit are also more likely to be approved if the proof of employment shows that the applicant has a regular job. Self-employed applicants may find it more difficult to successfully apply for unsecured loans with bad credit as the risk of their business failing is an added concern.

For business owners then, some collateral may need to be provided, making it a secured loan. However, the fact that criteria is met in other respects strengthens the application in any case.