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VIP Pet Insurance For Your Very Important Pet

VIP Pet Insurance For Your Very Important Pet

VIP pet insurance is a policy that is designed to cover the broadest range of medical care for your animal – from routine care to emergency cover. VIP coverage is usually purchased by people that are most concerned that their animals receive every possible coverage option. Unfortunately, not all VIP policies are the same. If you are considering a VIP insurance policy be sure to carefully research before purchasing. Pay attention to deductibles, exclusions and payout caps when you are looking at a VIP policy. Monthly premiums are higher for VIP policies so be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

The deductible or co-pay amount can make a big difference to the perceived value of an insurance policy. If you are paying hundreds of dollars for every vet visit you may soon grow to resent the cost of the premiums of your supposed VIP policy. Exclusions can also complicate the value of a VIP pet insurance policy. Many breeds have known genetic pre-dispositions to certain illnesses and conditions. Many policies will exclude coverage for these types of inheritable problems, so read the policy guidelines carefully to be sure that your animal will be covered. Lastly, look at payout caps – both for annual amounts and for lifetime care. Do a little research to find out if these caps are reasonable for your dog breed and age before committing to the policy.

Most VIP pet insurance policies are designed for you to keep for the life of the dog. As such, their value must be counted over the expected lifetime of your dog. Also, you will need to be very careful not to let the policy lapse, because if your coverage ends, the insurance company will be under no obligation to re-insure your pet at the same level. Any known illnesses become pre-existing conditions in that case and may not be covered when you re-establish your pet’s insurance.

Taking out a VIP pet insurance policy can be a smart move to protect the health of your animal throughout their lives – just be sure to do the research necessary to get the best policy. Pay attention to the exclusions, the deductible and the payout caps. Be sure that the policy you are choosing will cover your specific breed fully into their old age. When you do choose a policy be sure to keep your payments up to date so that your coverage doesn’t lapse. Your very important pet deserves the best of everything, including a VIP insurance policy.