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What Is CommentLuv Premium?

If you have not added the CommentLuv Premium widget to your blog, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities that you do not get with the regular CommentLuv widget. If you are unfamiliar with even the non-premium version, then you are really in for a treat. As its creator Andy Bailey says, “It’s awesome sauce!”

CL is a tool that you can use to promote and reward commenters on your blog. On the flip side, if you encounter a blog that uses this tool, you can reap the rewards of this amazing program for your own blog. Imagine the alliances you can form, the friends you can make, and the great things you can accomplish together.

The Basics of This Commenting Tool

In its most simple non-premium form, this commenting tool allows you to post links to your blog posts on other blogs. You can also provide the same for commenters on your blog. Many of the backlinks are do-follow, which is a great benefit for your search engine rankings and your commenters’ search engine rankings.

There are some inconveniences with CL that Premium addresses. For one thing, with the non-premium version, you are stuck with promoting your latest blog post unless you know how to code. For another, the spam filtering is lacking. Plus, you have to stay on top of support e-mails. It is okay for the average user, but if your blog is a business tool, it can become quite a pain in the neck.

Commentluv Premium Features

The anti-spam feature, called the “Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin” makes commenters prove that they are human by clicking a checkbox. Linking back to your blog, you can choose from up to 10 of your posts in a menu instead of having to code it, and depending on the user’s settings you will get do follow links. You can even post multiple backlinks if you like. Now, on to other goodies….

KeywordLuv is included in Commentluv Premium. This allows commenters to use a keyword name, and you can make some serious use of it when linking back to your blog. That is, you can show up as name @ keyword. TwitterLink is also included in this bundle, and in an improved form than the original standalone product. This allows people to comment using their Twitter ID, which can amp up the Twitter part of your (or their campaign).

Even More Comment Tool Goodies

This comment tool also includes plugins from Google+ and Facebook. You can use them on blogs using CL, and you can let your commenters use them. You can also moderate who gets do-follow links and who does not. Think of it like a reward system for things like approved comments, user status, and specific account holders that really show your blog some love.

While several ideas of how this tool can be useful to your campaigns have been presented, there are many other ways that it can be used to promote your blog and your favorite blogs. If you have a little bit of imagination, the information presented here has doubtless got the wheels spinning.