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Xanthelasma – What It Is and What You Can Do

Xanthelasma – What It Is and What You Can Do

Xanthelasma is a collection of yellow cholesterol particles that gather underneath the top layer of skin, usually around the eyes or on the eyelids. They are not particularly painful, although they may be embarrassing especially to women.

The deposit is not dangerous, although it may be a symptom of high cholesterol, which increases one’s risk of heart disease. The condition may be hereditary. So, it is not always a symptom of high cholesterol. They are common in people from Asia and the Mediterranean area.

What to Do About the Problem

The conventional treatments include acid peels, surgery, lasers and cryotherapy (freezing). The treatments can result in scarring and permanent changes in skin color. They are also quite painful.

There is an alternative approach, which may also address other health problems. The alternative approach includes dietary changes, nutritional supplements and the use of a nourishing eye contour serum.

Why the Alternative Approach May Work

If the Xanthelasma is actually a symptom of high or unhealthy cholesterol, dietary changes are recommended to reduce your risk of heart disease. The risk is that the cholesterol deposits may form inside of the arteries, just as they have formed under the skin.

The deposits in the arteries can lead to blockage and inflammation or swelling, which reduces blood flow and raises blood pressure. Those things could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Smoking and alcohol consumption can raise your cholesterol levels just as much as eating the wrong foods. Foods that are particularly high in cholesterol include shrimp and eggs, although recent studies indicate that people who eat eggs on a regular basis do not have significant blood cholesterol problems.

The medications recommended for reducing blood cholesterol are called statins. They inhibit the production of cholesterol within your body, but in doing so they also interfere with the production of coenzyme Q10. COQ10 is essential for normal muscle function. A lack of the antioxidant can lead to muscle death. If you do take statins, you should also take a COQ10 supplement.

The most effective solutions for reducing cholesterol in your bloodstream are the following nutritional supplements

• Policosanol, works by reducing the production of LDL cholesterol, but does not interfere with COQ10 production
• Theaflavins, antioxidants found in tea leaves, proven to be beneficial for reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL, good cholesterol levels
• Lecithin, increases the production of bile salts, which break down cholesterol
• Rice bran oil, inhibits the absorption of cholesterol from foods
• Phytosterols, further reduces the absorption of cholesterol within the gastrointestinal tract
• D-limonene, a compound found in the rind of citrus fruit, it is a natural solvent that breaks down and dissolves cholesterol deposits. Thus it may help to gradually reduce the size of Xanthelasma.

A product called Cholest-Natural contains all of those ingredients.

What Are the Benefits of the Eye Serum?

While the nutritional supplements work slowly to reduce cholesterol in your bloodstream and improve your overall health, the eye serum will work to improve the health of your skin.

If you do decide to have the Xanthelasma removed, the eye serum will help speed healing and reduce the risk of scarring. It stimulates the cell turnover rate, which basically de-ages the skin around the eyes.

Xanthelasma are sometimes associated with the aging process. But, they are not inevitable. There are effective anti-aging products of all kinds. You will find many of them in the resource box below.