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Try These 5 Top Builds To Dominate Last Epoch Harbingers Of Ruin!

Try These 5 Top Builds To Dominate Last Epoch Harbingers Of Ruin!

Last Epoch is about to kick off a new cycle for Harbingers of Ruin, and this new patch adds over 30 unique items and some major skill reworks for all classes.

So are you looking for new builds for Last Epoch 1.1 to get a better start as you head into the new season? In this guide, we’ll talk about 5 new builds we’ve found that feature improved skills and new unique items. Try these builds out and start dominating the newly added bosses!

Dual Wield Shield Bash Forge Guard

Have you ever wanted to hold a shield in each hand? If so, you’re in luck, because the first build on this list is Dual Wield Shield Bash Forge Guard.

Its Unique Monument of Protection has all the stats of a shield, looks like a shield but is technically classified as an axe, adds a ton of fixed melee damage to Shield Rush and Shield Bash, and greatly increases Endurance. Here are the five skills you’ll want to assign to this build.

Shield Bash is going to be our primary skill and major source of damage, so be sure to pick a node that removes its cooldown so it can be sent out quickly.

Shield Rush will be used for movement and getting out of harm’s way, and can deal flat melee damage to enemies. We’ve then also assigned Multistrike as a filler skill that doesn’t cost mana to increase the build damage.

Finally, there’s Ring Of Shields and Sigils Of Hope, both of which add some defensive capabilities to this build.

Orian’s Sun Seal is a new Unique Ring added in Cycle 1.1, and it will help keep Sigils uptime and increase their effectiveness. So if you have enough Last Epoch Gold, go ahead and don’t miss it!

Last Epoch Dual Wield Shield Bash Forge Guard

Void/Lightning Lethal Samurai Bladedancer

The second build is Void/Lightning Lethal Samurai Bladedancer, using Black Blade of Chaos, a new Two-Handed Sword that can use Lethal Mirage to increase flat lightning and void damage, and has an additional Penetration chance to affect and apply Time Rot on hit.

Most notably, you can also reset the cooldown of Lethal Mirage on melee attacks almost instantly, so once you have this weapon, you can run around with it to expand the area of effect.

As for skills, we focus on Lethal Mirage and convert it to Lightning, which will become our major source of damage once we get Black Blade of Chaos, and will probably clear large groups of enemies with relative ease. Utilizing this skill will allow you to quickly clear all enemies on the screen and loot a ton of Last Epoch Gold for sale.

Puncture is a great filler, especially after Death’s Imprint node got a huge buff, with a 200% chance to trigger Shadow Daggers. When using the skill directly, attacking once per second will trigger Shadow Daggers to hit for massive single target damage.

Last Epoch Lethal Samurai Bladedancer

We then also focus on Explosive Trap and convert it to Lightning via “Hold This” node. We can passively attach Explosive Trap to any melee attack, including Lethal Mirage, which will add even more free burst damage.

We then follow up with some defense utilizing Smoke Bomb and Decoy. This is a true Dark Samurai Build that will most likely deal tons of damage. Honestly, I would even start Last Epoch 1.1 with this build if it weren’t for the next build on the list.

Toxic Serpent Swarm Druid

Next up is quite possibly going to be one of the most fun and confusing builds in Cycle 1.1, and I’m talking about Toxic Serpent Swarm Druid. It utilizes the new Spear, Plague Dragon’s Tongue, to summon an army of locusts with a Serpent Strike attack, buffing their attacks, as well as adding a poison skill up to level five. It’s going to be insane.

The core of this build is to use as many Baby Scorpions as possible to stack up a lot of poison. That being said, there are still some skills here to specialize.

Starting with Serpent Strike, which is the main damage skill in this build, the important node to grab is Primal Serpent, which is used to deal additional Serpent Venom. In the new patch, it has been buffed to deal 400 poison damage in 3 seconds.

Toxic Serpent Swarm Druid

Then there is Swarmblade Form, which is strictly used to buff our locusts. We can also summon Serpent Strike with Unique Spear, just select all the nodes that buff locusts, summon Scorpions with Venomous Maw and Maternal Instinct, allowing us to summon a group of Baby Scorpions to help spread more poison.

Then we also need Summon Raptor, which will maximize our companion limit and will add some useful healing and utility.

Finally, Entangling Roots and Venom Nova are very important. It gives all minions caught in the root wave a chance to be poisoned, which makes it even more powerful. Since the poison chance of Serpents and Scorpions has been tripled, we’re going to have a ton of Baby Scorpions running around, increasing poison damage.

This build sounds really fun, and with the potential to stack hundreds of poison stacks in a short amount of time, it’ll likely be my first build at the start of Cycle. If you want to take advantage of this build as you head into the new season, it’s wise to buy Last Epoch Gold a lot in advance.

Avalanche Earth Quake Shaman

Fourth on the list is Avalanche Earth Quake Shaman, which has received one of the biggest reworks of all the abilities in Harbingers of Ruin.

As mentioned in the patch notes, the basic functionality of Avalanche has been reworked, and it’s no longer a channeled spell.

Currently, by default, it costs 50 mana and creates a large Boulder at the target location. It then creates 10 small Boulders around the target area over 2 seconds. These Boulders land in a circle instead of an extended rectangle in front of the player, and most importantly, it has no cooldown.

This is a significant change in my opinion, and makes the skill much more suitable as a primary source of damage for Shaman, aside from the looming mana issues you’ll eventually run into.

On top of that, Avalanche gets a generous damage buff and can proc Upheaval and Earthquake, making for some pretty tricky attack combos.

Now let’s get into the five specialize skills for this build, starting with Avalanche. The node we need is Craters, which is also new to Avalanche, and will spawn Earthquake every third Boulder hit.

Then there’s the node formerly known as Heavy Snow, Excavation. This gives a 100% chance to cast Upheaval after investing two points into a Boulder.

Next we want to specialize Upheaval and convert it to Cold. Then we move onto Earthquake, and the necessary node to grab here is Snowcrash, which makes Earthquake spawn an additional Avalanche Boulder and Aftershock from Earthquake.

The last two abilities are going to be really powerful. We need to pick up Warcry and Maelstrom. Converting both to Cold can further enhance the damage of Avalanche, Upheaval, and Earthquake.

Last Epoch Avalanche Shaman

Honestly, Shaman has struggled to have a good build compared to other classes in Last Epoch. If you like Shaman, it looks like this season will have a lot more to offer. What better way to test their newfound power than with this crazy Avalanche Earth Quake build?

Fire Disintegrate Sorcerer

The fifth build is Fire Disintegrate Sorcerer. I have to say, Disintegrate got an exciting buff, not only from the changes in how the channeling skills work, but more importantly, from the overall damage in the patch notes, it shows that Disintegrate’s damage is now 24 points per second, an increase of 480 points of damage, which is a 300% increase compared to before.

Besides this, similar to Avalanche rework, the developers have also added multiple new nodes to trigger other skills in Mage Tree while channeling Disintegrate. To be clear, though, this is a full Fire Conversion build, and ideally all damage will be fired.

Last Epoch Fire Disintegrate Sorcerer

There are five specializations here. First up is Disintegrate, which we need to convert to 100% Fire using Infernal Ray node. Then there are two new nodes that make this build insanely powerful, casting Volcanic Orb every 3 seconds, guaranteed to proc when channeling Disintegrate.

Since we need to convert to Fire, the second new node to grab is Flame Vent, which grants Vent stacks when channeling Disintegrate, up to two stacks per point invested. When you stop channeling, each remaining stack casts a Fireball, which leads us to the second and third specializations. Volcanic Orb and Fireball are both generated by Disintegrate.

You can choose to channel the node for either hit damage or sustained damage, depending on what you want to build. Then we spec Flame Ward for more damage and defense.

Finally, we also need to spec Focus for the mana burst. All in all, Disintegrate skill is going to be insane and will be really fun to play no matter what you build it with.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I can’t wait to start playing Last Epoch 1.1 Harbingers of Ruin, not only to try out the new build items and the new factions added, but also to fight more bosses, which is a huge addition. And Last Epoch really needs more content like this to expand the endgame.

Anyway, these are the five new builds that I’m looking forward to testing at the beginning of this season. Hopefully, this gives you some good build crafting ideas. Good luck!